Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vote For Mona to get Published!

Click the gold box to see my novel excerpt on Amazon!

Mona Again is a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2009! This means that out of 10,000 submissions, Mona Again is in the top 500 and in the running for a book deal with Penguin.

Yes, I cried. And boy do I love crying.

Help keep the waterworks going:
Read the first 20 pages of Mona Again on Amazon and submit a customer review asking for more - don't forget to add 5 stars!

Instructions: Make sure you're signed in.
Hit any of the download buttons on the right of the product page to read the excerpt.

Ready to write your review?
Scroll down to Customer Reviews and hit "Create your own review." That's it!

This is, like life, a popularity contest and the judges want to know that readers like YOU want to see this book published.

It's high-time we had a novel with Asian American lead characters that do more than just talk about ancestors - they're just living life like actual Asians. Woah. Big concept.

Hustle over to Amazon and make this dream come true!


Lee-Sean said...

I just voted for you on Amazon. They said it would appear within 24 hours.


Lee-Sean said...
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